Crazy Cliff's Stories

​​Being challenged in life is inevitable…   Being defeated is optional.

For over six and a half decades I have been living and writing about the crazy 'STUFF' that has jumped up in my face during my life and I have stories beyond even your wildest imagination…  stories from my crazy childhood and mother trying to get rid of and kill me, stories from my [supposed (grin)] adult life working the graveyard shift in 7-Eleven Stores back in the day before the Timed Access Safe had been created...  facing the madness that walked in the door every night on two legs…  stories about surviving attacks by Italian hitmen, assassins imported out of New York, crazed raging drug lords with machine guns, mad screaming Islamic Muslim terrorists...  and so very much more.

And I would write and write and write…  and
I might print a few copies and hand them out
or I might eMail out a few but I never ever
really sat down and put my pen and paper to
the telling in a published venue.

And you know what?  Not very many people
know or have read what I have lived through.

Go figure that!

Thus...  this website was created to publish
some of my CRAZY stories so you could read

first hand [up close and personal] just what it was that caused me to be who & what I am.

How do I support my self?  I’m an Affiliate Marketer and I sell these great products online.  Oh don’t get me wrong…  I worked in brick & mortar stores for [several] decades always running around the store…  cleaning, stocking, helping customers and putting up with the armed robbers and shoplifters and stuff like that.

Then later in life from one of mother’s attacks when I was just a little boy…  my health failed and my legs ended up being amputated.  But understand this…  that excitement I felt from the tips of my toes to the ends of my tingling finger tips when I was just six years old selling Christmas and Greeting cards door to door for the first time and saw first hand the look in my satisfied customers faces when they saw that card or gift they wanted…  penetrated my deepest being and I was hooked for life…

And so you come…  to read my latest blog or story about being shot or the night they beat me till my heart and lungs stopped…  and my hope...  is after you have been entertained…  you will stop by my online stores and view the many great products and...  you don't want to miss any of it!

And so boys & girls…  my pen and paper [executive orders (stories) and link to my store] are listed in the page menu for you to read, enjoy and shop.

Until the next time I put ink on paper,


PS…  there is just one little thing…  my stories…  they’re not fiction.

Go figure that!

Oh...  and about the OLD truck...  it has been my experience in life that OLD stuff is a lot better than this NEW stuff our lawless bloated government of tyrant's is trying to force on us.

​Go figure that!!